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High performance Honda outboards


The flagship for performance and fuel efficiency

With a unique blend of automotive and marine engine technologies, the BF250 is a showcase of Honda’s engineering and technical excellence. Backed by a 3.6L V6 engine with a compact 24-valve SOHC design, the BF250 is a leader in Honda performance, reliability and durability. 

Absolute power, performance & superior fuel efficiency

Combining Honda innovation with a powerful, large-displacement V6 engine, the BF225 offers the ultimate in performance and durability. Using the most technologically-advanced power available, whether you’re a weekend cruiser or commercial operator, Honda’s V6 engines deliver what every marine enthusiast wants—maximum time on the water.


Absolute power, performance & superior fuel efficiency

Integrating innovative design, a sleek style, enhanced reliability, streamlined maintenance and an expanded number of rigging options for ease of use, the BF200 provides more worry-free time on the water for boaters.

Premium performance and superior fuel efficiency

The BF175 uses Honda's big 3.6 litre V6 to offer a powerful, reliable engine that is smooth and economical. It features BLAST™ (Boosted low speed torque) for rapid acceleration, ECOmo Lean Burn Control® for exceptional fuel economy at cruise and NMEA which enables all engine and fuel data to be viewed on a GPS screen. Of course, like all Honda outboards, you can rest assured that it's kind to the environment.


Incredible power & superior fuel efficiency

The BF150 sets a new standard in innovation. With smooth, stable idling, reduced fuel consumption and incredible top-end power, this engine really is in a league of its own.

Incredible power & superior fuel efficiency

With world-renowned quality and reliability, the BF135 offers an outstanding power-to-weight ratio, low fuel consumption and reduced periodical maintenance – minimising ownership cost and maximising enjoyment.


Why buy a honda?

  • Engines

  • Gearbox rebuilding & re-powers

  • Steering systems

  • Upgrades

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